Fleet Town Council

Fleet Town Council

TENDER OPPORTUNITY - Fleet Floral Displays 2018-2022


Fleet Floral Displays 2018 - 2022



To view the tender either follow the link below 



or download the following documents

Tender Notice

Floral Display Specification & Form of Bid

Floral Display Locations



Questions asked (17/08/17)


  • How many tiers are the flower towers? Prefer one tower with no tiers


  • Do the barriers baskets have to be the size specified on tender specifications or can they be slightly larger? Ideally measurements as specified on tender. If not then please specify size on bid form.


  • Are the hanging baskets hanging from brackets on either side of the lamppost or do they wrap around/circle the lamppost? The baskets hang from brackets on either side of the lamppost.


  • What size are baskets to go under welcome to fleet signs?Depends of size and location of sign. Displays should be no smaller than 600mm in diameter.


  • Does Fleet Town Council have their own hanging brackets on lampposts or do they need providing? No, brackets for the hanging baskets must be provided.