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Fleet Neighbourhood Plan



Your Questions, Our Answers


Who is preparing the Neighbourhood Plan?

‘’A Steering Group consisting of interested members of the local community.‘’


What is a Neighbourhood Plan?

‘’A Neighbourhood Plan is a formal spatial planning document whose core is a series of policies that will inform and control the use of land and development in our neighbourhood. ‘’


What will be included in  Fleet’s Neighbourhood Plan?

‘’  * Town Centre – retail mix and community facilities

    * Housing – development sites and mix of housing types

    * Design – design principles and the protection of the individual character of areas in Fleet

     * Green Infrastructure – protection and development of green spaces and conservation areas      


The plan is taking as a major input, the various consultations residents have participated in on the Future of Fleet over the last 5 years. The Neighbourhood Planning Steering Group is currently working on the above 4 specific work streams which will all need to be evidence based.’’


Will the residents of Fleet be consulted about the contents of the Neighbourhood Plan?

‘’Yes.  We expect to be able to present a draft Neighbourhood Plan to you at the end of the year. This will be conducted as a formal consultation and all Fleet residents will be invited to let the Steering Group have their views.’’


Will the residents comments be included in the final Neighbourhood Plan?

 ‘’Yes.  The feedback will be incorporated into a final Neighbourhood Plan that will be subject to a referendum in early 2017. ‘’


If the residents of Fleet approved  the Neighbourhood Plan for Fleet, how will it be used in the future?

‘’If supported by the majority of town residents, the plan will then be used by FTC and HDC as a key document in any planning and development proposals within the neighbourhood. ‘’



 click here  to view a copy of the Neighbourhood Planning Presentation