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Can Elvetham Heath or Church Crookham residents vote in the referendum?

No - Fleet Town Council and Hart District Council have to comply with government regulations which dictate who can vote in a Neighbourhood Plan Referendum. The regulations state ‘’A person is entitled to vote if at the time of the referendum they meet the eligibility criteria to vote in a local election for the area & if they live in the referendum area’'. The referendum area in this instance is the Fleet Town Council parish area i.e. those who come under Fleet Town Council. If Elvetham Heath Council or Church Crookham Council produced their own Neighbourhood Plans, their respective residents would be able to vote in those referendums.


Is it a vote on each policy?

No - the referendum is a vote on whether or not to adopt the Neighbourhood Plan as a whole. The question you will be asked is '' Do you want Hart District Council to use the Neighbourhood Plan for Fleet Neighbourhood Planning Area to help it decide planning applications in the Neighbourhood Area?''.