Fleet Town Council

Fleet Town Council

Gurkha Square Market - want to join?






Looking for a new market place?


Have you just started a new venture or are you looking to expand your business? If yes – then a stall at Fleet Saturday Market in Gurkha Square is just the place to do business.


The weekly market is currently only open for essential retail but, in line with Government guidance, as from 12 April all retailers will be welcome to join the market.


To help local businesses and to celebrate the coming out of lockdown, new stall holders joining the market will be offered a 6 week introductory discount to help them get started.


Stall holders can attend every week or on a 2/3/4 weekly basis.


To find out more detail about having a stall at Gurkha Square Market , please contact info@fleet-tc.gov.uk or call 07584072340 in the first instance.


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