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In September Fleet Town Council launched an exciting new project within Fleet called The Greening Campaign.     


Put simply, the campaign aims to encourage and support local people and businesses to take easy and straightforward steps to reduce energy consumption and waste and tackle the immediate global challenges at a community level. The Greening Campaign are already working with other communities right across Hampshire.


To kick off the campaign, on the 4th September we held a public meeting at The Harlington where Terena Plowright, Founder of The Greening Campaign explained the campaign, its aims and how you can get involved.      


YouTube Brand Resources and Guidelines - How YouTube Works        If you were unable to attend the meeting, a recording has been uploaded to our YouTube here >> https://youtu.be/YaXV2fhfOdw


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The Next Steps

The next step is to tackle the more serious issues below known as the FIVE PILLARS - more information on the Five Pillars is detailed further down.

  • Space for Nature
  • Health & Wellbeing
  • Energy Efficient Warmer Homes
  • Waste Prevention
  • Cycle of the Seed

At the meeting attendees were asked to vote which practical challenges should be included on Challenge Cards that will go out to all households in Fleet in early 2024.


The aim is to encourage people to take steps to reduce, reuse or make a difference. Households committing to these actions can proudly display them in their windows. The Greening Campaign will then measure the community’s efforts and feed back. 


Following the public meeting we will now be gathering everyone interested together to plan what we want to do for the year ahead:


  • We have set up an online meeting where we can meet our Expert support (details below) and hear about what they can help us with
  • People interested in working with these organisations can then set up the activity plan and begin to plan for the Launch Event
  • The Launch Event is to showcase to everyone in the community what is happening over the next year and how they can take part


Join a Pillar 'Focus Group'


Any residents interested in working alongside Fleet Town Council and these experts can join one of the Pillar groups - we'd suggest one you have a particular interest in. 

If you’re interested in joining a group please contact us on Email: info@fleet-tc.gov.uk  



Meet the Experts Meeting

The ‘Meet the Experts’ Session will be held online on:

Monday 16th October         19:00 – 20:30

The meeting will be held online via Teams – just Click here to join the meeting 


1. Introductions

2. Health Impacts of Climate Change - Supported by Anthea Cooke (Consultant)

3. Energy Efficient Warmer Homes - supported by the Sustainability Centre and the Environment Centre

4. Cycle of the Seed - supported by Garden Organic

5. Waste Prevention - supported by Hampshire County Council Waste Prevention Team

6. Space for Nature - supported by Hampshire & Isle of Wight Wildlife Trust

7. Questions





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