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Fleet Town Council is proud to have been awarded "Small Cemetery of the Year 2019" and a Gold Award in South and South East in Bloom 2022 & 2023                                             





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To contact the Cemetery Clerk either call 07880 722941 or email cemetery.clerk@fleet-tc.gov.uk 
As the cemetery clerk works part time, email is the preferred option.  Calls and emails will be dealt with as soon as possible.

If unable to contact Cemetery Clerk, please contact the office on 01252 625246 (between 9am and 5pm, Monday to Friday) or email info@fleet-tc.gov.uk


Following a loss of a loved one, the funeral director will normally contact the Cemetery Clerk to arrange for a new burial plot as part of their process.  If you wish to purchase a plot in advance, or reserve a plot, please contact the Cemetery Clerk

If you would like to inter ashes in the cemetery, there are many different options to do this. 


Interment of ashes must be arranged with the Cemetery Clerk either direct,  or through a funeral director,  and a qualified grave digger who has been registered with the council must be used.  No person is allowed to dig into a grave and inter or scatter ashes themselves anywhere in the cemetery.


Owning the exclusive rights of burial to a full grave/plot or old style Ashes Plots (AP0001 to AP0297) 

When a grave is “purchased” this refers to the purchasing of the exclusive right of burial in a grave space and not the purchase of the land itself as this remains the property of Fleet Town Council.   The charges are split between the "Exclusive Rights of Burial" fee, the memorial application fee and the interment fee.  

The Exclusive Rights of burial in Fleet Cemetery gives the owner the right to bury anyone in that plot for the next 99 years provided there is space (some cemeteries offer shorter periods).  This part of the charge also covers the owner’s contribution to the grounds maintenance of the cemetery for the next 99 years.   After this time the exclusive rights revert back to the council, although it can be extended, for a charge, if the family wishes. 

The interment fee is an administration charge incurred each time the plot is opened and covers the updating of the statutory burial records, software and licences, clerks time etc.  The memorial application fee is for the permit to erect or add to the memorial - this involves the memorial application being checked to ensure the applicant is the exclusive rights owner and that the memorial and inscription comply with regulations.

On purchase of the Grant of Exclusive Rights of Burial, a document is issued to the owner.  This legal document should be kept safe with a person’s will. 

Exclusive rights of burial must be transferred to other persons following the legal process.

The exclusive rights are not automatically transferred to the next of kin or another person on the death of the owner, there is a legal process the council needs to follow to make any transfer – there is an administration charge for this, sometimes complicated process.  Please see separate leaflet or contact the cemetery clerk for more information.

Ensuring the ownership is up to date is the family's responsibility and it is necessary to transfer the rights to a living person as soon as possible following the death of the owner, this allows for any future burials (if applicable) to take place and a memorial or added inscription to be placed on the grave. 
Legislation states that it is illegal for a burial authority to permit a burial, including a burial of cremated remains or to place cremated remains upon the surface of a grave, without first obtaining permission from the owner or owners (who must sign to agree) of the right.  The only exception to this is where the owner of the right is being buried.  Any owner of the burial rights has the automatic right to be interred in the plot provided there is space.

Full burial plots usually hold 2 full burials and/or several sets of ashes.  Ashes plots can hold 2 sets of ashes in their caskets.  All caskets that are interred must be biodegradable 
The memorial permit fee gives permission for the owner to erect a memorial on the plot.  Only the owner is allowed to do this (and must sign to agree) and the permit is to ensure all memorials conform to regulations at that time.

If the owner is deceased, then a transfer of ownership must take place, and permission given, before a permit can be issued to place a memorial, add an inscription, clean or renovate a memorial, on the grave. 

As in other council cemeteries,  there is a 50% reduction in fees for a Fleet Town Council elector.  This is because our costs like the ground’s maintenance, cemetery improvements, emptying of bins, water, burial record software charges etc are all subsidised by Fleet Town Council for residents from when they pay their Council Tax.


Headstone Memorial testing from 2020 (due next in 2025)

We are required by Law to test the stability of Headstones at least once every 5 years.  Memorials need to be installed to meet British Safety standards BS8415.  If the memorial has failed it will display a warning notice.  Stakes may be added to the memorial to make it stable pending repair.  Some memorials have been laid down.  Please do not touch the memorial or stand it back up.   Either contact the Cemetery Clerk for advice or the memorial mason who installed it advising them it has a failed notice attached.  

If you have a grave in Fleet Cemetery that has failed, the cemetery clerk has written to your last known address to advise you of this.  If you have moved and not updated your address since purchasing the memorial or if the family have not applied for a transfer of ownership if the existing owner has died, please contact the cemetery clerk.  Click here for a list of failed memorials which have failed the safety test.  Please contact the cemetery clerk if your family plot is on this list.


2023 Cemetery Price list

2024 Cemetery Price List

Rules and Regulations 
Cemetery map with plot numbers 

Burial plots new area

Burial plots new area 2  (near storage block)

Ashes plot layouts

Ashes plot 1 (by main gate)

Ashes plot 2 (by lawn cemetery)

Ashes plot 3                                Ashes plot 6

Ashes plot 4                                Ashes plot 7

Ashes plot 5

Sanctum vault layout area 1 left of arch

Sanctum vault layout area 2 right of arch

Kerb Block layout

Rules and Regulations for Funeral Directors and Grave Diggers

Rules and Regulations for Stone masons


Notice of interment - burial or ashes

Notice of interment in Garden of Remembrance

Application for exclusive rights of burial
Application to erect monument or additional inscription
Application to renovate or clean a memorial


Garden of Remembrance Sanctum Vault order form

Garden of Remembrance Kerb Block order form

Garden of Remembrance Flat Kerb Block order form

Garden of Remembrance Rose Memorial order form – plain

Garden of Remembrance Rose Memorial order form – with design

Garden of Remembrance Plant Memorial order form – plain

Garden of Remembrance Plant Memorial order form – with design

Garden of Remembrance Mushroom ring Memorial order form

For Memorial benches or plaques prices please contact FTC office




Lawn Cemetery

Part of the cemetery has a lawn style layoutplots 2058 to 2322 (area in purple on map).  This means that only headstones are allowed and the grass around them is kept mown by Fleet Town Council grounds maintenance team. Graves should be levelled by the family's funeral directors’ grave digger within 12 months.

Conditions of Acceptance - Lawn Burial Area

Memorials are restricted to headstone/books etc that can be accommodated on the memorial support section for the plot and the height including the base must not exceed .75 meters (2 ft 6 inches).

If flower vases are to be provided in the memorial base plate the plate must be sufficient depth to fully accommodate the vessel.

With the exception of the occasion of Burial Service, no flowers, plants or other items are permitted to be placed on or in the ground of the burial plot. The family must sign to acknowledge that if this condition is not complied with then such items may be removed.



Only headstones are allowed in the Lawn Cemetery burial area - plots 2058 to 2322 inclusive.  No kerbsets are allowed in this area

All memorials on graves and old-style ashes plots (AP0001 to AP0297) are subject to the approval of the Council and remain the sole responsibility of the owner(s).  They must be installed or re-fixed in accordance with the current BRAAM specifications in accordance with BS8415. All stonemasons working in the cemetery must provide the cemetery officer evidence of registration with BRAAM or NAAM.

The number of the Plot must be placed on the memorial and the construction and fixing must meet the current recommended Code of Working Practice of NAMM or BRAAM to BS8415. 

All materials of every description on graves must be kept in reasonable repair and in good order at the expense of the owner(s).

Fleet Town Council is required by law to carry out safety inspections on memorials every 5 years, to ensure that they are in a good and stable condition. The Council reserves the right to make safe any memorial (this is usually by laying it down) which, in the opinion of the Cemetery Officer, represents an immediate danger to the public without further reference to the owner(s) of the Memorial in order to protect the safety of visitors to the cemetery.

For any changes to any memorial including renovation and cleaning, you must first obtain a permit.  Please see application form on our website or call at the office for how to do this


Garden of Remembrance

Garden of Remembrance  

Sanctum Memorial Vaults

Sanctum 2000 memorial vaults can be leased and offer a resting place for the cremated remains of 2 people which must be in a non-biodegradable container.  These memorials can be leased for 25 or 50 years after which time, the lease can be extended, or the ashes must be removed.  If we are unable to contact the family at the end of the lease, after 6 months, we will scatter the ashes in our dedicated area and the container disposed of.

Each polished granite vault has a black granite tablet, engraved inscription in gold, together with a choice of photo or artwork, plus a vase for your flowers. A flower vase is provided for the placement of cut flowers. No other items/flowers may be placed on or around the sanctum.

In addition to the inscription, you can choose to have the tablet on your memorial vault enhanced with a beautiful hand-crafted design of your own choice.

A full range of designs are available. From floral tributes and wildlife through to sports and hobbies, and Photo Plaques enable you to create a personal legacy when you add ceramic portraits to your memorial tribute. 

A state-of-the-art process ensures that the ceramic cameos retain their beauty indefinitely

The inscribed tablet will remain the property of the family however the Sanctum Vault is the property of Fleet Town Council.

Sanctum Memorial Vaults


Rose bushes in Garden of Remembrance

You can lease a rose bush or standard rose in our Garden of Remembrance for 15 years as a memorial to your loved one.  Cremated remains can be interred or scattered in our dedicated area.

Your rose will come with a standard plaque with an inscription showing the name of your loved one and date of death. 

We would respectfully ask that you do not place additional items, vases, etc. with the roses, as this can interfere with growth and maintenance of the rose bed. 

If you would like to be able to place additional items, please contact the cemetery clerk to discuss alternative memorials. 

Rose Bushes


Plant Memorials in Garden of Remembrance

A choice of plants (see list below), approved by Fleet Town Council’s ground maintenance contractor, will form the memorial with the ashes buried beneath in a biodegradable container.  A granite plaque with inscription will mark the memorial.

Purchase of the plant will be the family’s responsibility.  Please purchase a plant from the approved list below.  The ideal size is a 3-litre potted plant but no more than 10 litres (or 15 litres for the Dwarf Acer). 

All watering and care of the plant will be the family’s responsibility for at least the first 2 years. After 2 years, if required, maintenance can be taken over by Fleet Town Council following receipt of a written request. 

List of approved plants:

Camellia, Nandina, Fuchsia, Pieris, Hydrangea, Skimmia, Acer (dwarf), Abelia, Azalia, Viburnium plicatium, Hibiscus


Kerb blocks in Garden of Remembrance

Kerbset block memorials, which are located around the Garden of Remembrance main pathways, are leased for 25 years.  There are 2 types of kerb blocks - one is more upright with a small vase for a posy of flowers and the other flat with a larger flower vase.

The ashes can be either buried behind the memorial, or buried or scattered in our dedicated area.  On completion of the term of the lease, the owner will have the option to exetend.  The inscription tablet will remain the property of the family but will be removed on completion of the lease and stored if the family cannot be contacted.


Mushrooms in Children's area

We have three mushrooms holding granite tablets.  The tablets can accommodate a small inscription with gilded or relief lettering and are available in two colours.

Children's Memorial Area


Fleet Town Council is responsible for the general maintenance within the cemetery however the owner of the exclusive rights is responsible for the maintenance of the memorial on the plot and to keep the plot tidy, ensuring that flowers or ornaments do not interfere with any other grave space or interfere with our grounds maintenance of the cemetery.


Transfer of Exclusive Rights of Burial

It is possible to transfer the burial rights of any plot and a set legal process is used to do this.  There is a fee (see cemetery fees) to transfer the burial rights to another person.


When you need to transfer ownership of the Exclusive Right of Burial?

  • The registered owner has decided to assign the grave to someone else
  • An applications is made for a burial in the grave (other than the registered owner) but the registered owner is deceased
  • An application to place a memorial/additional inscription on the grave is made but the registered owner is deceased.
  • An existing memorial needs renovating or cleaning

Information on Transferring the Exclusive Rights of Burial can be found here  


Transfer Forms
Assignment of right of burial  - to be used when transferring ownership between living persons or to add owner
Assent of Executor or Administrator - to be used to transfer ownership from executor to a living person
Statutory declaration - to be used where there is no will or grant of probate.  Following completion of a questionnaire, the Cemetery Clerk will prepare this for you     
Form of Renunciation - to be used where there are other people have the right to the burial right but wish to renounce that right.  Used with statutory declaration only


Cemetery Bridge



Are you able to help with maintenance at the cemetery?  Do you have an hour to spare each week?

Fleet Town Council is responsible for the general maintenance within the cemetery however the owner of the exclusive rights is responsible for the maintenance of the memorial on the plot and to keep the plot tidy and ensure that flowers or ornaments do not interfere with any other grave space.

Unfortunately some of the graves are sadly neglected as the families move away or are unable to visit.   

Fleet Town Council is hoping to encourage some volunteers to start a “Friends of the cemetery” group in the near future that can at least tend such graves

What FTC wants to achieve

  • Ensure Fleet Cemetery is a place of reflection & remembrance of the people buried there.
  • Improve overall appearance of the cemetery.
  • Tidying and restoration of neglected graves.
  • Encourage people who visit to become a “friend”.



What we think volunteers could do – some ideas

  • The friends are the eyes and ears of the cemetery
  • Tidy up neglected graves.
  • Form regular working parties to tidy up cemetery
  • Grow plants for use in cemetery
  • Adopt a war grave and look after its surrounding area - preparation for Remembrance day – mark graves with poppies
  • Help with creation of new areas
  • Clearing and maintaining areas


Please contact the Cemetery Clerk for any assistance