Fleet Town Council

Fleet Town Council

Agendas 2021

Town Council meetings are open to the community.  There is and opportunity for residents to speak at a council meeting.  Please contact the Clerk for details.



Full Council meetings are now live streamed to our YouTube channel >> (90) Fleet Town Council - YouTube

Go to our channel at 7pm on the day of the meeting to find the stream or if you follow us on social media you can click the direct video link which will be posted the day before the meeting.

The Stream will be available to watch live and for 24 hours after the meeting finishes - it will then be deleted.




6th January 2021    Papers

3rd February 2021   Papers

3rd March 2021    Papers

7th April 2021     Papers

5th May 2021   Papers

6th May 2021      Papers   (Extraordinary Meeting)

28th July 2021    Papers   Item 13

1st September 2021    Papers

29th September 2021  (Extraordinary Meeting)

6th October 2021    Papers

3rd November 2021 Papers

1st December 2021   Papers





11th January 2021

25th January 2021

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25th October 2021

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13th January 2021

21st July 2021




15th February 2021   Papers

21st July 2021   Papers:  part 1   part 2

20th October 2021     Papers

15th November 2021        Papers  





17th March 2021   Papers

15th September 2021    Papers

8th December 2021   Papers