Fleet Town Council

Fleet Town Council

Procedures and Policies

Standing Orders  Approved Council May 2023
Financial Regulations Approved Council May 2023
Fleet Town Council Policies  
Alcohol and Substance Misuse Policy  Approved P&F October 2021
Asbestos Managment Plan  Approved P&F February 2023
CCTV Policy  Approved P&F May 2023
Climate Change Policy Approved P&F July 2020
Code of Conduct Policy  Approved October 2021

Co-option Policy     and     Co-option Forms

Approved Council October 2020
Complaints Policy & Complaints Form  Approved P&F September 2023
Control and Management of Contractors Policy  Approved P&F February 2023
Contractor Management Checklist Approved P&F February 2023
Data Protection Policy  Approved P&F May 2023
Equality & Diversity Policy  Approved October 2021
Freedom of Information Policy  Approved Council May 2020
Gift Policy Approved P&F Feb 2018 

Grants Policy

Grant Application Form 

Approved October 2020

Approved P&F October 2017 

Health and Safety Policy  Approved P&F May 2023
Internet & Social Media Policy  Approved Council May 2022
Memorials Policy  Approved P&F July 2021
Open Air Civic Events Policy Approved Council October 2020
Park Development Plan Policy  Approved Council October 2017
Pavilion Multi-User Policy Approved P&F October 2017

Privacy Policy and Notice 

Privacy Policy Staff and Councillors

Approved P&F July 2023
Media Policy  Approved P&F July 2021
Risk Management Policy  Approved P&F July 2021
Safeguarding Policy  Approved Council February 2022
Smoking and Vaping Policy  Approved P&F May 2022
Subject Access Request and Request Form  Approved P&F July 2023
Tree Policy  Approved P&F May 2023
Whistleblowing Policy  Approved P&F February 2021
Meeting Policies  
Agenda and Minutes Policy  Approved P&F February 2018
Public Participation Policy  Approved P&F February 2021
Tolerance Poster  
GDPR Privacy Notice   Approved May 2018


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